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A Vision For The Future


The mission of Park Heights Renaissance (PHR) is to implement the Baltimore City Park Heights Master Plan where land and economic development, alongside human development, are transformative influences in the revival of a thriving and sustainable community.


Park Heights is more than a geographically organized collection of streets — it is a community of people who, though highly diverse in terms of age, family type, economic status and other social characteristics, share a common aspiration to rebuild a community that offers enhanced quality of life and economic opportunity.

From the community-based planning process, a renewed vision for Park Heights emerged that embodies these facets:

  • A community of physical and social well-being — shared by healthy people who work together, with safe streets, houses, parks and a wide spectrum of neighborhood institutions and services.
  • A community of character — graced by signature main streets, notable gateways, attractive residential blocks and a new generation of beautiful civic and commercial buildings surrounded by public spaces.
  • A community of opportunity — one that attracts private investment, which in turn generates economic opportunity and advancement for all residents and businesses.
  • A healthy community, defined by:
    • A safe, nurturing environment for children and youth.
    • Strong, committed and principled leadership.
    • A vital, diverse local economy.
    • Residents who are gainfully employed and able to meet their family's financial needs.
    • Residents who are empowered, informed, educated and actively involved.
  • Safe and affordable housing.
  • Cleanliness and orderliness.
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